Cashwallet Reward Points Terms and Conditions

How To Use Cashwallet Reward Point Instruction

Step 1 :

Register by selecting“ MY CASHWALLET ACCOUNT” under our website

Step 2 :

Log in to your Cashwallet Reward Point account under MY CASHWALLET ACCOUNT . If unused, view your valid Cashwallet Reward Point amount in the top right corner of the page.

Step 3 :

Begin your travel search through the site.

Your available payment options will be displayed in the results.

Step 4 :

After you have completed the first journey. On the my account page, you may withdrawal your Cashwallet Reward Point by selecting the “WITHDRAWAL” button under “MY CASHWALLET WALLET” page.

Step 5:

Book your next trip by using Cashwallet Reward Point.

You may use the Cashwallet Reward Point + Parital Payment to book your next journey if required.

How it works:

  • You will earn 3% on every booking you spent once you COMPLETED your journey.
  • Once your transactions are approved, withdrawal your cash into your Stripe or bank account. It will take up to 7-14 Days to get the Cashback into your Stripe or Bank account which you have set under “MY CASHWALLET ACCOUNT” when withdrawal the points. The Processing fee will be 1% ( Please note the minimum transaction amount is $15)
  • You may choose to keep the Cashwallet reward points and use it again for your next journey.
  • You may also top up your wallet by selecting “WALLET TOP UP” button. You will earn extra 1% on top of your total amount per transaction.
  • Cashrewallet reward points expire after 18 months of inactivity. That means, so long as you’ve registered some activity in the last 18 months, your Cashwallet Reward points are protected from expiry.
  • To ensure you keep your Cashwallet Reward Points from expiring you’ll need to earn or use Cashwallet Reward Points through your account at least once every 18 months.

CashWallet members Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use govern the conduct of the Delightful Travel service (“Service”) which enables CashWallet members of Delightful Travel to earn Rewards on the terms and conditions set out in the Terms of Use and elsewhere on the Website. When you join Cashwallet Reward Point, you are bound by the Terms of Conditions.

Please read the Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully before you place an order or use the Cashwallet Services.

Please contact us via Email or Tel +61 1800 718 558 if you have any questions.

Cashwallet Reward Point Terms of Use

Cashwallet Reward Point Terms of Use that you should be aware of being a member of the Cashwallet Reward Point are:

  • You must read and agree Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy from our website before you use Cashwallet Reward Point the service.
  • You must read and agree Cashwallet Reward Point Terms of use before you register the Cashwallet Membership.
  • We make Offers available to you on the basis that the Participating Supplier pay us a commission for referring you to them. You may not be credited with Rewards if we are unable to confirm your booking with the relevant Partner provider or if your journey hasn’t completed yet.
  • We may disclose your personal information to other supplier, including to Participating Hotels, Tour Operators, Cruise…etc. program partners and other third party service providers. We also provide information to these parties and on an aggregated and de-identified basis, including for analytical purposes.
    1. Owner of the Service and Website
      1. Delightful Travel Pty Limited ABN 69872914790 (“we”“us” or “our”) owns and operates the Service and the Website through which the Service is made available.
    2. Acceptance of the Terms of Use
      1. Your CASHWALLET membership to the Service is conditional upon your agreement to, acceptance of, and compliance with these terms of conditions, as well as your agreement to and compliance with other terms, conditions, notices, and disclaimers contained elsewhere on the Service or the Website, that apply to any aspect of the Service, Website, a Notifier or App that you choose to use (“Additional Terms”).
      2. The submission of your Cashwallet membership application (and each time you use or participate in the Service or receive any Reward or benefit from the Service) constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Use, and your provision of the consents set out in the Terms of Use including to our treatment of your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    3. Changes to the Terms of Use
      1. We may change the Terms of Use at any time at our discretion without notice. Where we believe that any such change materially diminishes the benefits of the Service available to members.
      2. Your continued use of or participation in the Service (or receipt or use of any Reward or benefit provided through the Service) after notice is provided will be deemed to be acceptance of the revised Terms of Use. Alternatively, you may terminate your membership of the Service at any time in accordance with clause 10.3.
    4. Changes to the Service

The Service we offer may change from time to time. We are not required to notify you of any such changes, as the latest Service will be made available on the Website from time to time.

    1. Content of the Website, (including errors)

While we make every effort to ensure Offers, information, and content published on the Website by us is accurate and complete, to the maximum extent permitted by law we make no guarantee that it is free of errors or omissions. Where we make an error in relation to an Offer that we believe ought to be obvious (having regard to the quantum and nature of the other Offers we provide), we will honour the Offer we intended to publish but may decline to let you take advantage of that obvious error.

    1. Age restricted content

The Website, (including the directory of Offers) may contain links to age-restricted websites and services, You are not entitled to and you must not click on the purchase button if you are not over 18 years of age.

    1. Eligibility to join the Service
      1. Membership of the Service is open to natural persons who are Australian residents. To be eligible to join or use the Service, you must be 14 years of age or older, and if you are between 14 and 17 years of age, you must have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to join or use the Service. Individuals 13 years of age or below are not eligible to join or use the Service.
      2. Membership is also open to Australian businesses with a registered ABN, who is responsible and liable for the business’ Account.
    2. Joining and using the Service and Account
      1. You may only apply for and use one membership account with the Service (“My Cashwallet Account”).
      2. You must not join or use the Service on behalf of any other individual, including a family member, or allow any other individual to use the Service and/or your Account on your behalf.
      3. A maximum of 6 Accounts per postal address applies.
      4. Membership and Accounts are not transferable between members under any circumstances.
      5. You may specify an Account username. We reserve the right to cancel any Account created with a username that in our opinion is offensive, obscene, profane or indecent.
      6. You must use and maintain a password for your Account that is unique and not a password used by you for any other website, app or service. You must keep your Account password confidential at all times. We are entitled to assume that anyone using your Account credentials is you, and you are responsible for all transactions made on the Website, a Notifier or App using your Account or otherwise on your Account.
    3. Registered email address
      1. You must provide a valid email address (the “Registered Email Address”) when you register to become a member and create an Account. For your membership to be considered active and valid, you must validate your Registered Email Address by clicking on a link within an email we send to you after registration.
      2. The Registered Email Address must be an active email address in regular use by you. If you ever discontinue use of the Registered Email Address, for your membership to remain active you must advise us of a new, active email address that you regularly use. You can advise us of a new email address via Email You may be required to re-validate your new Registered Email Address.
      3. Your Registered Email Address cannot be the same registered email address used for another Account.
    4. Personal and profile information
      1. You must provide us with certain information about yourself to allow us to provide you with the Service, including as part of our legal obligations in connection with “know your customer” (KYC) information. You may also be required to provide personal information in the “Billing Addres” section under “My Account” , and we may also request from you via the email about you including but not limited to information that does not personally identify you. Eg: Credit Card Authorisation Form
      2. You agree to us keeping a record of all the information you provide us during your use of the Service.
      3. How we collect, hold and otherwise use and disclosure your personal information is set out in our Privacy Policy.
    5. Accuracy, honesty and integrity
      1. At all times in your dealings with us and our partners, merchants and suppliers you must:
        1. act with integrity and honesty;
        2. not act in a manner that is illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest;
        3. ensure any information provided is accurate and not misleading; and
        4. not endeavour to exploit any error in the Website, a Notifier, Apps or the Service.
      2. When filling in and responding to any online market research surveys that you have been invited to participate in by us, you must answer questions accurately and truthfully. You must not use inappropriate or profane language in your responses.
    6. Unlawful use, hacking, tampering and using automated scripts
      1. You must not:
        1. use the Service for any purpose that is unlawful;
        2. use the Service to engage in any kind of hacking, tampering, spoofing or abuse of any system or computer service, the Website, or any aspects of the Service;
        3. insert into the Website or the Service any computer virus or other harmful code; or
        4. use a script, robot, software program, or other system that operates the Service on your behalf and outside of the intended use of the Service, whether it be to earn Rewards automatically, post or transmit bulk messages, or otherwise interfere with the normal operation and security of the Website or the Service.
    7. Monitoring usage of Service

We reserve the right to monitor the Service and retain and disclose information as allowed by law and requested by any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction.

    1. General Correspondence and Administrative emails
      1. By joining and participating in the Service you give consent to us communicating with you as is necessary for us to provide the Service to you. These communications (referred to as “Service Notices”) may include:
        1. verification or validation emails;
        2. account statements;
        3. important information or notices about the Service and your use of the Service;
        4. responses to a customer service enquiry you have made;
        5. notification or confirmation of any transaction you initiate; and
        6. requests for additional information from you.
      2. Because Service Notices are required and necessary for us to provide the Service to you, the only way to unsubscribe from receiving Service Notices email from us is to terminate your use of the Service by closing your Account and thereby cancelling your membership and access to the Service in accordance with 10.3.
    2. Direct Marketing
      1. When you join the Service you give us consent to send you information on ways to earn Rewards, specific Offers, and commercial advertising and marketing messages in relation to our products and services and those of third parties that we believe you may be interested in.
      2. This is an optional part of the Service, which you may opt-out of. See our Privacy Policy for more information, including for details on how to opt-out.
    3. Method of communication
      1. We may send our communications to you by any form of direct communication for which we have recorded details for you including by mail, email, SMS.
      2. You may adjust your details we can make at any time in the “Communications Preferences” sub-section of the “My Settings” section of the Website or App.
    1. Offers generally
      1. We make Online Offers and In-Store Offers available on our Website, in connection with which you can earn Rewards for Qualifying Transactions. The Offers are made on the basis that the Participating Merchant pays us a commission for referring you to them.
      2. The Qualifying Transactions offered, promoted or referenced in the Offers are made by third parties. You acknowledge that we act as a referral agent only and are not responsible for the quality of goods/or services you receive from any third party.
      3. The Offers may be valid for a limited time only (that is, the validity period may be limited) and there may be particular terms, conditions, exclusions or requirements that apply only to an Offer, including as to the use of coupon codes and voucher codes (“Special Offer Terms”). You should ensure that you fully understand any Special Offer Terms as displayed on the Website before proceeding with a transaction.
      4. The Offers may be varied at any time (including the amount of any Reward, eligible/ineligible products or categories, or any validity period) due to changes in our arrangements with our Supplier. We will show the current Offer at the place where the Offer is advertised on the Offer page of the Website. You should always confirm the continued availability of an Offer, and its details including any associated Reward, before entering into any transaction in connection with that Offer. Any changes to an Offer will not, however, apply to any Qualifying Transactions you have made prior to that change being made (however, any such Offer remains subject to the rest of these Terms of Use).
      5. Your ability to use an Offer may be affected by human or technical error (including your own conduct, and bugs or glitches on the Website. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any errors which occur in the processing of an Offer or Reward.
      6. We make no guarantee or representation as to the minimum or maximum number or duration of Offers that we make available (or the number of Supplier for the Offers).
    2. Online Offers
      1. To be eligible to receive Rewards in connection with an Online Offer, you must:
        1. initiate the Eligible Online Transaction by using credit card payment or Cashwallet Points.
        2. not use any gift card when you make the Eligible Online Transaction (other than any gift card, coupon or voucher code that is listed or advertised in the Offer terms, on the Website or otherwise provided as part of the Service);
        3. make the Eligible Online Transaction during the applicable Offer validity period as stated on the Website.
        4. where stated, complete any other required actions including answering any questions asked; and
        5. where applicable, comply with any Additional Terms.
      1. To participate in In-Store Offers, you must register on the Website Cashwallet membership first before you purchase in store.
      2. To be eligible to receive Rewards for making a Qualifying Transaction in connection with an In-Store Offer, you must:
        1. use a current Registered Cashwallet membership to pay for the Eligible In-Store Transaction. Please Note, if a Registered Cashwallet membership is cancelled, expired, suspended or otherwise invalid at the time of making the transaction, you will not receive any Reward;
        2. select ‘Withdrawal’ on the My Wallet option (or where your Registered Cashwallet membership has been linked as a bank transfer, paypal ,stripe) when paying for the Eligible In-Store Transaction with the Registered Cashwallet membership (to ensure that the transaction is processed). Please note, if you select any other payment option when paying for the transaction with the Registered Cashwallet membership, you will not receive any Reward;
        3. make the Eligible In-Store Transaction during the applicable offer validity period as stated on the Website; and
        4. where applicable, comply with any Additional Terms.
      3. Where an In-Store Offer is withdrawn before the expiry of the advertised validity period, its expiry will be advised on the Offer page of the Website, and where the Offer required Activation you will be advised by email of its expiry if you had previously Activated the Offer.
    3. Registered Cashwallet membership
      1. To register a Cashwallet membership :
        1. you must register a Cashwallet membership on the Website. and accept any applicable Additional Terms;
        2. you may only register up to a maximum of 1 (five) Cashwallet membership per Account;
        3. you can only register Payment Cards in your name, which must be in the same name as your Account;
        4. you must ensure any Payment Card you register is a valid, eligible Cashwallet membership for that Scheme provider and that the bank details have been correctly entered to the Website page by you; and
        5. registration is only complete when:
          1. Cashwallet membership has been registered for In-Store Offers; and
          2. we notify you by displaying that your Cashwallet membership has been linked as the Registered My account on the Website (under the “My Wallet” section).
      2. Once successfully registered, a Registered Cashwallet membership will allow you to earn Rewards under In-Store or online Offers for Qualifying Transactions made using that Registered Cashwallet membership after the date of registration.
      3. You can de-register your Registered Cashwallet membership at any time by emailing us If you do so, you will not earn Rewards under the In-Store or online Offers for transactions made using that de-registered card after de-registration.
    1. Rewards in Your Cashwallet Account
      1. We will maintain against your Cashwallet Account a balance of Rewards accumulated through your use of the Service.
      2. Any Rewards held in your Cashwallet Account will remain in credit against your Cashwallet Account until you redeem them via a Withdrawal in accordance with clause 6, as long as:
        1. your Account does not become Inactive as described in clause 10.2 (in which case your Rewards will expire in accordance with clause 10.2; and
        2. Your membership and your Cashwallet Account are not cancelled or terminated in accordance with these Terms of Use (in which case your Rewards will be forfeited in accordance with clause 10.4).
      3. Rewards are not transferable between members or Accounts under any circumstances.
    2. Earning Rewards
      1. You can earn Rewards through Qualifying Transactions in connection with Offers that we make available from time to time as set out in clause 4.
      2. You are only entitled to one Reward for each Qualifying Transaction. Accordingly, in the event that a transaction you make qualifies for Rewards under both an Online Offer and an In-Store Offer (or one of them and any other offer under the Service), we will calculate the Rewards which (but for this clause) you would earn for each applicable Offer and we will credit you only the higher value Reward earned (and the lesser value Reward for the same transaction will be forfeited).
      3. We may provide special Offers that offer bonus Rewards or other benefits for sign-ups and referrals to the Service, for referring other new members, for certain Qualifying Transactions or for other specific actions (“Bonus Rewards”). The specific Special Offer Terms accompanying such Offers will govern how the Bonus Rewards are earned and redeemed.
      4. Certain goods and services are excluded from earning Rewards, including:
        1. betting, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting, and wagers at race tracks;
        2. political donations; and
        3. other goods and services as restricted by applicable laws or as determined by us or any program partner or Scheme from time to time.
    3. No guarantee of earning potential

You acknowledge and agree that we do not make any guarantee or representation, whether express or implied, as to the amount of Rewards you can earn as a member of the Service.

    1. Processing Rewards
      1. Your pending claim for Rewards in connection with an Offer will usually be made on your behalf automatically by the Tracking Monitoring Solution, and where applicable upon receipt of the required Qualifying Transaction details from us.
      2. Subject to clause 5.5, pending Rewards in your Cashwallet Account will be confirmed and approved when:
        1. We confirm it has approved your transaction as a fully paid; and the journey has completed.
      3. We make no guarantees for crediting of any Reward to your Cashwallet Account until the above steps have occurred. You acknowledge that we may elect not to credit you with Rewards:
        1. when failure of any payment system such as the applicable payments system results in us not being paid by you.
      4. If the Payment System does not approve your transaction (Such as Fraud Credit Card Details etc..), we may not be able to reward it back to your account.
      5. For some aspects of the Service, Rewards may not be credited to your Account immediately. With booking which has been booked for the future departure date., it may only Rewards to you and credited to your account after your journey is completed.
      6. We may at our discretion, approve or credit Rewards if the requirements in paragraphs 5.4 are not met, but may subsequently reverse the approval or crediting of Rewards, or apply a freeze to the Rewards, including on any Withdrawal until such time as these requirements have been satisfied.
      7. If for some reason your Qualifying Transaction does not appear in your Account (either as a pending or approved Transaction), you may make a claim with us to have your transaction manually assessed. In order to be able to manually assess your claim:
        1. you must provide all documents, information and evidence (including order/invoice) which it is reasonably necessary to confirm that the transaction the subject of the claim has been made and not reversed; and
        2. we must be able to confirm from the information you provide that the transaction is a Qualifying Transaction, and confirm the applicable payment details. Please note:
          1. your use of ad blocking software and/or disabling cookies may mean that we cannot confirm and approve your relevant transaction, in which case we may reject your claim.
          2. All other requirements for a Reward must still be satisfied, including as described in clauses 5.4 above.
    2. Ineligibility for Rewards
      1. We may elect not to credit you with Rewards where it would be unlawful to provide you with any incentive in relation to that transaction.
      2. We will not credit you with Rewards, and we may without notice to you at any time withhold Rewards, and adjust, reverse, deduct or cancel Rewards already credited and decline or reverse any Withdrawal request if any of the below has occurred, or we have reason to believe any of the below has occurred:
        1. the relevant transaction is not a Qualifying Transaction; or a journey hasn’t completed.
        2. you subsequently cancel or vary the relevant transaction, cancel trip, the subject of the relevant transaction for refund or credit, or fail to pay for the order in full;
        3. the relevant transaction is not processed on the Scheme provider’s or Participating Merchant’s (as applicable) payments system for any reason; or
        4. in relation to an In-Store and online Offer:
          1. the relevant transaction is processed on a credit card that is not the Valid Personal Credit Card.
        5. Rewards were credited to your Account incorrectly (whether due to human error or computer error);
        6. your use of the Service in connection with any Rewards is not in accordance with, or in breach of, the Terms of Use, including due to your illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest conduct.
    1. Withdrawal General conditions
      1. In the Terms of Use, “redemption” and “payment” of Rewards (referred to as a “Withdrawal”) means any type of request for us to pay you an amount in exchange for redemption of an amount of your accumulated Rewards. This includes any payment by bank transfer or Stripe transfer into a qualifying linked account or any other method set out on our Website.
      2. To be eligible for and request a Withdrawal, the total Rewards accrued from approved Qualifying Transactions and remaining in your Account must:
        1. equate to a value greater than or equal to $15.00 (“Minimum Value”); and
        2. include at least one Qualifying Transaction. Accounts with only Bonus Rewards available cannot be cashed out until a Qualifying Transaction has been made and approved.
      3. Each Withdrawal request submitted by you is final and not reversible.
      4. At the time you request a Withdrawal, we may:
        1. request from you a copy of a proof of identification document for Account verification and security purposes, before approving your Withdrawal requests. If you are unable or elect not to provide a copy of a proof of identification document, we may deny your request for Withdrawal of Rewards; and
        2. review the details and transaction history of your Account, and the details of any related membership Accounts (being any Accounts held by members that were referred to the Service by you, or any Account that has the same recorded residential address and/or postal address, phone number or payment details as your Account).
      5. You expressly acknowledge that your eligibility to redeem your Rewards for a Withdrawal is conditional upon your ongoing compliance with the Terms of Use.
      6. We reserve the right to decline any Withdrawal request and adjust, reverse or cancel any outstanding redemption or payment of a Withdrawal, where we have evidence or reason to believe Rewards were credited to your Account incorrectly (whether due to human error or computer error), or not in accordance with, or in breach of, the Terms of Use, including due to your illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest conduct, or as otherwise set out in these Terms of Use.
    2. Withdrawal payment
      1. You are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided for the purposes of a Withdrawal. If a Withdrawal that you request is processed as per the account details supplied by you (whether bank account, Stripe transfer or other method), and there is an error in those account details, we will use our reasonable endeavours to request the transaction to be reversed and, if we are successful in obtaining the reversal and we recover the amount transferred, we will endeavour to make the transfer to the correct account, less any applicable administration fee. We will have no other obligation to take any action to reverse the transaction, reprocess the transaction, or refund Rewards to you (and accordingly the redeemed Rewards and Withdrawal payment may be lost).
      2. If a Withdrawal is rejected by the receiving institution for any reason (other than an error on our part), we may charge to you an administration fee of $10 (by redeeming any Rewards in your Account to that value or by asking you to pay us that amount). Otherwise, you will not be charged any fees for processing the Withdrawal, these fees will be borne by us.
      3. For the purposes of a Withdrawal, we may, at our discretion, enforce a limit of one Account per receiving account.
    3. Limits on your right to receive payment
      1. We will not hold any amounts representing Withdrawal payments we may be required to make to you in respect of your redemption of Rewards in a separate bank account or otherwise segregate those amounts from our own funds, and we do not hold any such amounts in trust.
      2. Until you validly request a Withdrawal, we are not liable to you for payment of any Rewards and you have no entitlement to receive any funds from us and cannot make any claim against our assets.
      3. In the event that we become insolvent, you will not be able to recover any outstanding amount that we owe, but have not paid, to you in priority to any of our other creditors. There may be other creditors whose debts will take priority over yours. You may not recover the full amount we owe to you and there is a risk that you will not be able to recover any of the unpaid amount.
    4. Use of remaining Cashwallet Reward points
  1. Log in to My Cashwallet account. If unused, view your valid Cashwallet Reward points amount in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Cashrewallet reward points expire after 18 months of inactivity. That means, so long as you’ve registered some activity in the last 18 months, your Cashwallet Reward points are protected from expiry.
  3. To ensure you keep your Cashwallet Reward Points from expiring you’ll need to earn or use Cashwallet Reward Points through your account at least once every 18 months.
  4. Partial payments is allowed to pay for parts of the order using Cashwallet Reward points. The remaining amount is paid using one of your active credit card or bank transfer.
    1. You acknowledge that:
      1. we are subject to various Anti- Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing laws (AML/CTF) which include prohibitions against any person dealing with the proceeds of, or assets used in, criminal activity (wherever committed) and from dealing with any funds or assets of, or the provision of finance to, any person or entity involved (or suspected of involvement) in terrorism or any terrorist act; and
      2. the AML/CTF laws may prohibit us from offering services to you, or entering into or conducting transactions with you.
    2. You agree that we:
      1. are not required to accept or execute any instruction, or take any other action under, or in connection with, these Terms of Use if we are not satisfied as to your identity, or where we suspect on reasonable grounds that by doing so we may breach the AML/CTF laws;
      2. may delay, block or refuse to release any monies on your instructions, if we believe on reasonable grounds that to do so may breach any law in Australia or of any other country, including the AML/CTF laws; and
      3. will incur no liability to you for any loss you suffer (including consequential loss) however caused by reason of any action taken or not taken by us contemplated in this clause 7.
    3. You agree to provide all information and documents to us which we reasonably require to comply with any law in Australia or any other country, including the AML/CTF laws and agree that we may disclose information which you provide to us, or about transactions you conduct, or seek to conduct, with us where we required are to do so by any such laws.
    4. You undertake that the payment of monies in accordance with these Terms of Use or any instructions given by you will not breach the AML/CTF laws.
    1. Communication Facilities

The Service includes Participating Merchant reviews, forums, chat rooms, electronic messaging and feedback systems, and other communication facilities which may allow you to communicate with us, with third parties, program partners and with other members of the Service (collectively, “Communication Facilities”).

    1. Conditions of use
      1. You are responsible for any information, content or materials posted by you using a Communications Facility.
      2. It is a condition of your use of any Communication Facility and your access to the Service that you do not do any of the following:
        1. restrict or inhibit any other member from using or enjoying any aspect of the Service or any Communication Facility;
        2. post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information or material of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law;
        3. post or transmit any material of any kind which violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, including material which is an invasion of any privacy or publicity rights or which is protected by copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right, without first obtaining permission from the owner or relevant right holder;
        4. post, transmit or in any way exploit any material of any kind for commercial or marketing purposes, or which contains any promotional material or advertising without our consent;
        5. impersonate any other person or entity; or
        6. solicit donations for any person or any organisation other than a registered charity or not for profit organisation.
      3. You acknowledge and agree that the Communication Facilities provide a means of public and not private communications.
    2. Misuse

Without limiting any other rights, we may have, if you breach any of the conditions relating to the use of Communication Facilities we may impose an administration fee equivalent to $30 (by redeeming any Rewards in your Account to that value or by asking you to pay us that amount) to compensate us for the costs of monitoring and rectifying the breach, we may suspend your access to, and ability to use or post to, any Communication Facility.

    1. No obligation to monitor

We may from time to time monitor or review the contents of the Communication Facilities. While we reserve the right to edit, delete, or refuse to post any information, content or materials (in whole or in part) that we, in our sole discretion, determine to be in any way objectionable or in violation of any applicable law or the Terms of Use, we have no obligation whatsoever to monitor any Communication Facility or to edit, delete or refuse to post any information, content or materials, nor are we responsible for any information, content or materials posted by you or any other member of the Service or user of the Service.

    1. The Service, the emails sent by us, the Online Offer directory or In-Store Offer directory on the Website or App and other content on the Website, Notifier or App, contain advertisements and links to web sites and online market research surveys operated by third parties or their licensees or contractors. Third party links, advertisements and market research surveys are independently operated by the relevant third party and are not a recommendation or endorsement by us, our Related Bodies Corporate, or any of our/their respective employees. We are not responsible for and make no express or implied warranties in relation to the content of these third party advertisements or web sites, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the web sites or the products and services advertised for any purpose.
    2. In some instances, the advertisement or web site linked will contain representations or offers by the third party, which you can accept by executing the relevant transaction. You acknowledge that we do not make such representations or offers, and the third party solely is responsible to you for the delivery of any goods or services obtained from the third party.
    3. If you have an enquiry or complaint about a particular merchant, business, advertisement, link, email, or survey, you may contact us. We will do our best to answer your question or resolve the issue, however in some circumstances we may need to direct you to contact the merchant, business or advertiser directly.
    1. Cancellation by us
      1. We reserve the right to cancel your membership and your Account, and terminate your use of the Service at any time, without cause or reason by giving you 30 days’ notice.
      2. In addition, we may cancel your membership and your Account, and terminate your use of the Service, immediately without notice, if we have evidence or reason to believe that you:
        1. have breached the Terms of Use, and failed to remedy that breach within 7 days of receiving notice of the breach;
        2. have materially breached the Terms of Use;
        3. have engaged in illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest conduct;
        4. die or become unsound of mind or become bankrupt; or
        5. act against our business interests or reputation or the business interests or reputation of our Related Bodies Corporate, clients, partners, merchants and suppliers.
    2. Cancellation and rewards expiry for non-use (Inactive Accounts)
      1. We reserve the right to cancel your membership and your Account, and terminate your use of the Service, with 7 days’ notice, if your membership Account becomes Inactive. Your Account becomes “Inactive” if you do not log in to the Website and click through to a Participating Merchant’s website at least once in any 12-month period.
      2. All Rewards (whether pending or approved or accrued or not) held in an Inactive Account will expire at midnight (Sydney, Australia, time) on the date that the Account becomes Inactive (the “expiry date”). Unless we cancel your Account in accordance with clause 10.2, expiry of Rewards will not itself result in closure of your Account, but the applicable expired Rewards will be immediately and irreversibly cancelled and will not be available to you. We will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with prior written notification of the date on which your Rewards will expire.
    3. Cancellation by you

You may cancel your membership of the Service at any time by emailing us Upon cancelling your membership, your Account will be cancelled and your ability to use the Service terminated.

    1. Cancellation is final
      1. If your membership and Account is cancelled for any reason, the cancellation is final and your membership cannot be re-activated.
      2. If your membership and Account is cancelled for any reason, you will forfeit all of your Rewards and all outstanding redemption payments (including any Rewards held in your Account or accrued by you, any Withdrawal or other pending payments, and any other Rewards or payments that you would otherwise have been entitled to receive). Any such Rewards and payments will remain our property and are immediately and irreversibly forfeited (and we will have no further obligation to make any payment to you).
    2. Refusal of application

We reserve the right to refuse your application to join the Service again, or cancel any new membership or Account you create, if we have ever cancelled your membership in the past.


We reserve the right to cooperate fully with any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction in respect of any lawful direction or request to disclose the identity or other information in respect of anyone using the Website Service.



    1. If any part of the Terms of Use is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other part of the Terms of Use.
    2. Any notice or communication we give to you pursuant to the Terms of Use may be given to your Registered Email Address. A notice so given will be deemed received by you on the date the notice is sent or pushed as the case may be.
    3. We may assign or novate in whole or part any of our rights or obligations under the Terms of Use without the prior written consent of you or the other members (and if we do so we will notify you accordingly). The agreement set out in the Terms of Use is personal to you and so you may not assign, novate or sub-licence in whole or part any of your rights or obligations under the Terms of Use without our prior written consent.
    4. The Terms of Use and any Additional Terms constitute the entire agreement between us and you in relation to the Service and supersede all other (prior or contemporaneous) communications or displays whether electronic, oral, or written, between us and you in relation to the Service. However, nothing in the Terms of Use limits any liability either party may have in connection with any representations or other communications (either oral or written) made prior to or during the term of this Agreement, where such liability cannot be excluded (which may include liability arising under section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law).
    5. The provisions of the Terms of Use which by their nature survive cancellation of your membership and Account will do so.
    6. No waiver, delay or failure by us to take any action shall constitute or be construed as a waiver of that or any other term, condition, option, privilege or right we may have.


The Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. We and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and any court that may hear appeals from any of those courts.



    1. In the Terms of Use, unless the contrary intention appears:
      1. the word “person” includes an individual, a firm, a corporation, an unincorporated association, government, state or agency of state, association, partnership or joint venture;
      2. all references to dollars or $ or cash in the Terms of Use are to Australian dollars; and
      3. ‘including’, ‘such as’ and similar expressions are not words of limitation.
    2. In the Terms of Use, unless the context otherwise requires:
      1. “My Account” has the meaning given in clause 2.2;
      2. “Additional Terms” has the meaning given in clause 1.2, under and includes any Special Offer Terms;
      3. “Bonus Rewards” has the meaning given in clause 5.2
      4. “Eligible Online Transaction” refers to any purchase, order, or action in Australia you initiate with a Participating Merchant via an Activation Link we provide, including ordering goods or services, or signing up to a service or membership, even if you make no payment for the goods, service, or membership;
      5. “Eligible In-Store Transaction” refers to any purchase transaction in Australia you make with a Participating Merchant in the In-Store offer directory on the Website or App which you pay for using a Registered Payment Card and which is processed on the relevant Scheme provider’s payments system;
      6. “Inactive” has the meaning given in clause 10.2;
      7. “In-Store Offer” means an Offer for making an Eligible In-Store Transaction that is a Qualifying Transaction with a In-Store offer directory on the Website, as described on the Website and subject to the Terms of Use and the other terms and conditions set out on the Website;
      8. “Notifier” means a browser extension in connection with the Service;
      9. “Offer” means a Reward incentive offer that is either an Online Offer or In-Store Offer made by us to members as part of the Service, as determined by us from time to time, which typically includes a discount or rebate on a Qualifying Transaction;
      10. “Online Offers” means an Offer for making an Eligible Online Transaction that is a Qualifying Transaction with any Participating Merchant listed in the online shopping directory of the Website using a code we provide, as described on the Website and subject to the Terms of Use and the other terms and conditions set out on the Website;
      11. “Supplier” means, in respect of an Offer a merchant listed on the Online Offer or In-Store Offer directory (as applicable) on the Website as participating in that Offer;
      12. “personal information” has the meaning given in our Privacy Policy;
      13. “Privacy Policy” means our privacy policy available at available at:
      14. “Qualifying Transaction” means transactions that are the subject of either:
        1. an Online Offer, in respect of an Eligible Online Transaction; and or
        2. an In-Store Offer, in respect of an Eligible In-Store Transaction,

that qualifies in accordance with the Terms of Use for Rewards under the relevant Offer provided through the Service;

      1. “Registered Email Address” has the meaning given in clause 2.3;
      2. “Related Body Corporate” has the same meaning as under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth);
      3. “Rewards” means incentive rewards offered or provided to members as part of the Service, as described in the Offers and the Website, a Notifier or App, and recorded in an Account and which is provided on the purchase value of the applicable approved Qualifying Transaction less freight, delivery, taxes and GST;
      4. “Service” means the Cashwallet Reward Points service referred to in the introduction to the Terms of Use, as operated by us from time to time (and as such service may be amended from time to time in accordance with this the Terms of Use). For clarification, the Service includes any services provided under Additional Terms.
      5. “Terms of Use” means these terms of use, and any Additional Terms.
      6. “Tracking Monitoring Solutions” means the solution or service used to monitor Qualifying Transactions, and includes the solution or service provided and used by us;
      7. “Website” means; and
      8. “Withdrawal” has the meaning given in clause 6.1.